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revolutionary tools

get more done with these top-rated products

The products and services listed here are ones I personally use and recommend as important tools to help you manage the five S'es and succeed in your work@homelife. Many are free or have free versions. However, please note that I receive a small commission should you choose to purchase some of them.



  • Cold Turkey is an absolutely, positively unhackable web site blocker. Why rely on self-control when it's so much more effective to set up your environment for success? Create a distraction-free virtual workspace like mine and watch your productivity soar. 

  • We are what we repeatedly do. In other words, we are defined by our habits, so developing good ones (and eliminating bad ones) is critical to our success. There is no better guide to the science of habits than James Clear's best-seller, Atomic Habits. The book is packed with practical strategies for mastering your habits to achieve your goals and live the life you want. 


  • Process Street manages my recurring workflows, creates shareable checklists, and works with over 1000 other productivity apps to streamline systems so I can get more done, time after time. 

  • Few things seem more boring than insurance, yet it's something no small business can afford to ignore. Don 't put your business or yourself at risk another day--head over to coverwallet for a free and easy business insurance quote. The cost may be less than you think, and the peace of mind is priceless.​ 

  • A good bookkeeping system is an essential part of any successful business. Millions of small businesses (including me!) agree that the best option is Quickbooks. From ease of use to pricing to integration with hundreds of other apps and programs, Quickbooks has solutions that help my small business grow.


We'd all love to live the paperless dream--Neat can help. Neat automates your bookkeeping and expense reporting by scanning paper documents such as receipts, bills, and statements and turning them into secure digital documents that are automatically categorized and completely searchable by OCR and keywords. And of course, it integrates seamlessly with bookkeeping systems such as Quickbooks (see above). Getting Neat has made my business so much more efficient and easy to manage that I sometimes wonder how I managed without it.




Working from home can make it hard to stay on task. That's why I use Focuster, the tool that automatically schedules my to-do list in my calendar, helping me maintain focus, prioritize tasks, and achieve my most important goals every day. Focuster syncs with multiple calendars, breaks up large projects into smaller ones to fit them into my schedule, and can even group tasks into themed time blocks where related tasks are completed together. All of which keeps me focused and productive.

Prefer an "old-school" physical planner? The Gazelle planner is the best one I've found. It's undated, so you can start using it to get organized any time. In addition to daily 24-hour pages (night owls take note), this planner includes project planning worksheets, a vision board, and a Master List template  to help you set and achieve your goals. All this in a lay-flat binding with an expandable pocket inside the cover for notes and cards.