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the peasants are revolting

Yeah, they stink on ice

Mic Drop. You did it! You quit the cube farm and joined the revolution. The movement is growing, too. More people just like you and me are working from home today than ever before. Since 2005, our numbers have grown by 108%!

Working from home is amazing, isn’t it? At least, until the three-year-old is home sick (again) and the internet dies. Of course, working at the office has its own challenges, but those mostly come from a boss who loves to schedule endless morning meetings or gossipy coworkers. At home, the person most likely to  sabotage your productivity is YOU. Without the structure of a formal work environment, it can be hard to stay organized and focused. To succeed working at home, you need to manage the five S' es: your Space, your Stuff, your Schedule, your Systems, and your Self.


No two situations are alike, of course. Working from home includes freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, telecommuters, sales agents, and many others. What works for a salesperson who travels for his employer will differ from the tools and strategies that are most effective for a freelance graphic designer or self-employed eCommerce seller. And no two people are alike, either. Some are early risers who are at their best before 10:00 am, while others don’t really click until after lunch.

But there ARE effective ways to make the work-at-home experience more productive, rewarding, and fun for all. And isn’t that why you revolted—to be more in control of your life? The Rat Race Revolution blog, newsletter, podcast, and community are all focused on making that happen. Thanks for joining us!